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No Bees, No Food

Is it time to go outside to enjoy the flowers and the trees and the birds and the bees? Did you enjoy fresh fruit, berries or nuts? If you do, thank a honey bee. Before you buy new plants and put them in the ground, there are things you can do to help the bees.

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Why is it built this way?

I’m curious about houses. Wherever I go, I wonder why they are built the way they are. I can’t turn off my inner house-nerd, even when I go on vacation. You can call this post: “House nerd on vacation.” Roofs Almost as soon as I arrived in Key West, I noticed that all the roofs

Energy efficiency from Mass Save

Mass Save is not just about wall insulation. Mass Save also has 0% interest loan programs to improve other aspects of your house’s carbon footprint. Not only are you able to borrow for insulation, but you can also borrow for these improvements. High Efficiency Heating Systems Central Air Conditioning/ Air Source Heat Pumps Ductless Mini Split

$3000 towards knob and tube removal

Some electrical repair can’t wait. Knob and tube wiring is one of those problems. This wiring, from 80-100 years ago, has not aged gracefully. It is considered a fire hazard by most insurance companies. Our clients are often told that they cannot get insurance, or they can only get insurance if they promise to remove

National Nest Box Week

Here is an idea that should cross the pond. February is the time to think about creating nesting places for local birds. In England, National Nest Box Week is and organization that encourages people to create nesting places for local birds. Their habitats are being threatened by building, and landscaping that eliminates the places where

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