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Rona’s promise to our clients

When I started 4 Buyers Real Estate,  I looked for agents to join me on the hunt for good properties for good people. I love the houses, I love the deal-making, I have been blessed with good clients who make good decisions, based on what I show them and teach them. I hired agents who share my commitment to buyer’s rights and getting the best deal. I am known as an unrelenting consumer advocate and a fierce negotiator; I found my kindred spirits in Dianne Schaefer, Dave Twombly. Pearl Emmons, and Alex Lacroix.

No one in this office works on behalf of sellers. Why does that matter?

We are not financially attached to any house on the market. We do not divide our focus between getting the best house at the lowest price and also getting the highest price for any given house. Our focus: to find the right house and get the best deal on it. Our model is high on counseling and low on sales. We regularly astound our clients by talking them out of houses that have flaws or somehow may not work for them. That seems against our interests, but it is not; our happy clients pay us back, ten-fold, but telling the story of our loyalty to their successful purchase. Working with any agent at 4 Buyers Real Estate gives you the combined experience of the entire office. Because no one in the office can represent the seller of the house you want to buy, we can all pitch in to solve any problem that may come up.

Every agent at 4 Buyers Real Estate will do these things for you, their buyer-client:

  1. Show properties by appointment, as well as at open houses. We will remind you of what you said you wanted and remind you when the house does not meet those requirements. We will tell you if we see problems in the house. We will talk you out of houses, or at least, try to.
  2. Act in the best interest of the Client at all times, giving undivided loyalty, utmost care, disclosure, obedience to lawful instruction, confidentiality, and accountability.
  3.  Assist in problem-solving to provide an efficient home search. If you are seeing houses that stink the same way, over and over, we will help you figure out why. If you are not seeing enough houses, we will try to find more that suit you. An effective search yields houses that work for you, with a decreasing number of duds.
  4. Provide a list of allied professionals that are known to previous clients for good service. (Inspectors, attorneys…) Our list is full of people who have done the job for other buyers, provided good service and on-time paperwork.
  5. Provide a Comparative Market Analysis of the property a Client intends to purchase. Knowing what the property should sell for, compared to recent sales, is the key to good negotiation. Provide guidance on negotiation of such property. Present the Offer to Purchase for such property. Communicate the Offer to Purchase negotiation progress in a timely manner.
  6. Attend home inspection and recommend renegotiation based on the results, when possible. Carry out negotiations when applicable.
  7. Keep the Client informed of matters relevant to complete the transaction.

And they will do it with the same integrity, intelligence, and care that I built my reputation on.

You can find the ebook to get started, or check out the blog 4 Buyers Real Estate  to understand better about how we think about houses and buying them.

Finding our office:

4 Buyers Real Estate
2326 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140

(North Cambridge between Davis Square and Alewife MBTA stations.)
617 776-8304

Our office is less than a 10-minute walk from Davis Square MBTA station (Red Line.) Take Dover, Day, or Meacham to Massachusetts Avenue. Turn right on Massachusetts Avenue. Follow to Rice Street. #2326 is on the far side of the street between Rice and Norris Street.

There is metered parking that is generally available on Mass Ave. Non-permit parking for a few cars available at the top of the local side streets along Mass Ave.

Please use the door closest to the bus stop.




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