Our job is to help you find the right house, tell you what we think the fair price is, and then negotiate for the best possible price, given market condition.

Once you begin house hunting, we help you conduct an intelligent search. The best searches are those that show you properties that are closer and closer to what you want as you go on. Our goal is to get you to see as many good places as possible, with as few duds as possible.

When you find a house that suits you, we do our most important work. Asking prices are created by sellers and their agents. Some set their prices too high, and they come down a lot. Some properties are priced correctly and sell for nearly asking. We help you figure out what you should offer.

balance scale

What’s a fair price for a house? This equation is always true: Price = size + location + condition (with a little bit for style.)

The best deals are made by buyers who know the fair market value of the home they want to buy. We do a Comparative Market Study to find that fair market value. We look into the seller’s financial position, so that we can make the best guess about their need to sell. Then, you work with us to develop a negotiation strategy. The lower the price, the higher the risk of not getting your Offer to Purchase accepted. We give the advice. You tell us which negotiation plan you want us to follow.

The negotiation process

Offer to Purchase

The Offer to Purchase is the contract which includes how much you will pay for the house and all the deadlines you agree to meet up to closing. Read more…

Home Inspections

The home inspection takes about half a day. Your inspector will tell you how well the house is operating. You will also learn what is working, how it works, and what you need to do to keep it working. Read more…

Purchase and Sales Agreement to closing

The Purchase and Sales Agreement is a multi-page contract that has all the details about the quality of the title you will be accepting at closing. Read more…