A 4Buyers Real Estate agent take the time, up front to find out what you really want in a home. We help you figure out what you can comfortably afford. We go over the house hunting process with you. The goal is to let you know what to expect in the house-hunting process.

We help conduct an effective home search. The goal is to help you see the relevant houses with as few duds as possible.

We show properties by appointment, as well as at open houses. We evaluate them together and refine your search.

Once you find a property that you may want to buy, we give you tools to make a good Offer to Purchase.


  • First, we do a Comparative Market Analysis of that home. Once we know what others are paying for homes like the one you want. This gives you a sense of its fair market value.
  • We scope out the competition, as much as we can.
  • Then we balance the price, the competition with how well the house matches you, how rare a house like this is, and whether you have a deadline to meet for your move.
  • These three things inform the negotiation strategy. We suggest, you choose.


  • There is more to an Offer to Purchase than the amount of your Offer.
  • We help you choose dates and terms that work for you, which could give you an edge in the negotiation.
  • We write an introductory letter which personalizes your Offer.
  • We believe that negotiation starts with, “hello.” Every interaction we have with a seller or seller’s agent is intended to put you in the best negotiating position.

We will present your Offer to Purchase as soon as it’s ready. We call, email or text you as soon as we hear anything!

Once your Offer to Purchase is accepted, we will attend home inspection with you. When it is finished, we can recommend renegotiation based on the results, when possible. Then we will carry out those negotiations. We then keep an eye on the details until you close.


We provide a list of allied professionals that previous clients have recommended for good service (including inspectors, attorneys, lenders and some contractors).

At all times we act in the best interest of the Client. We give you undivided loyalty, utmost care, disclosure, obedience to lawful instruction, confidentiality, and accountability.

After you close, we hope you will continue to contact us with questions about home repair, refinancing or reselling.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please click on this link.