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Our clients get home inspections, because they matter.

Did your buyer's agent tell you to waive home inspection in order to be more competitive? We don't recommend that, ever! We want you to know what to expect, in terms of care and maintenance on this high-priced investment you are making. With average sales well over $600,000 in most areas we work in, we

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Even Before House Hunting, Choose Your Attorney and Inspector

We recommend that house hunters choose an attorney and an inspector--and a back-up for each--early in the house hunting process. That way, when you find a house and start making an offer, you are not scrambling to interview attorneys and inspectors during a busy week. You need to know what they are going to be

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Getting to Closing

Massachusetts uses two contracts for home purchases. The first one, "offer to purchase" is a short-term document that sets the parameters for the more extensive "purchase and sales agreement" which defines the quality of the Deed and Title and how funds will be exchanged.  Once a buyer and seller sign a Purchase and Sales Agreement,

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As-is House Listings

Turned off by “as-is” listings? If so, think again. “As-is” does not mean that you are about the throw your rights away and buy a money pit. The National Association of Exclusive Buyer’s Agents explain how to protect your rights when buying an “as-is” property in a recent blog post. What is “as-is”: Simply put,

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Wrong Agent

Happy Valentine’s Day, Ken and Barbie. I know you wanted your dream home, but failed. Where did you go wrong? You chose the wrong agent. In the hands of this agent, you fell in love with the pink appliances. Or did you get too focused on getting a garage? How did you overlook the lack

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Direct Vent Heating Systems. What to Not Worry About.

Direct vent heating systems are the ones that run so efficiently that they can vent through a PVC pipe instead of a chimney. Why does the efficiency matter? If the air coming out of the boiler is still very hot, it cannot travel through plastic PVC pipes. Newer high-efficiency boilers and hot water heaters use

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Real estate economy, 2019 prediction

What will house hunting look like this year, around Boston? The local real estate economy follows the national economy. The National Association of Realtors® expects home sales to flatten and home prices to continue to increase, though at a slower pace. Our local market is behaving just the way I told you it would last October.  What

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Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rentals have their place as a way to make money in real estate. Like any other new business model, it functions like the Wild West. Some people make a fortune. Some of those people do a good business. Some use the loosened regulation as a way to rent poor-quality spaces and avoid taxes. When

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