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Spring Market Might be Good for Buyers, says Wall Street Journal

How does a seller’s market end? A seller-favoring market exists when there is more demand for housing than supply. Since about 2012 or 2013, buyers found fewer properties for sale than they did during the recession (when foreclosures added to the number of houses and condos for sale.) Limited supply created the seller-favoring market we’ve

Basic carpentry for the new homeowner

Attention Happy Homeowners! Time to learn some basic carpentry from Leah at See Jane Drill. Here’s the video: (link)   Table of contents: How to prevent spontaneous combustion. (Really, this is a thing. Not just something that happens to Spinal Tap drummers!) How to determine if something is plumb, level, and square. How

Data designed for marketing

Almost all of the data designed for marketing is, well, marketing. It is designed to give consumers a sense of urgency, so they will buy and sell. A former client wrote me: Hey Rona, Hope you are well. Do these numbers look accurate to you? -J. Are the numbers accurate? Yes. A licensed real estate agent

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The home inspection

Did your buyer's agent tell you to waive home inspection in order to be more competitive? We don't recommend that, ever! We want to you know what to expect, in terms of care and maintenance on this high-priced investment you are making. With average sales well over $600,000 in most areas we work in, we

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How to choose an attorney and inspector before house hunting

We recommend that house hunters choose an attorney and an inspector (and a back-up for each) early in the house hunting process. That way, when you find a house and start making offer, you are not scrambling to interview attorneys and inspectors during a busy week. You need to know what they are going to

Why is it built this way?

I’m curious about houses. Wherever I go, I wonder why they are built the way they are. I can’t turn off my inner house-nerd, even when I go on vacation. You can call this post: “House nerd on vacation.” Roofs Almost as soon as I arrived in Key West, I noticed that all the roofs

Property tax, the basics

For most of our clients in eastern Massachusetts, their property taxes went up for 2018. In many towns and cities, the tax rate stayed the same, or even went down. Example: In Somerville, the tax rate for residential property went down slightly from Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 and FY2018. It was $11.67 per thousand dollars

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Snow shoveling. The law.

Snow season! Here we go. As a real estate agent, I get asked about who is responsible to shovel -- the landlord or the tenant? Since that's a legal question, I depend on Attorney Richard Vetstein for accurate legal answers to general legal questions. He keeps an eye on legal changes that affect homeowners. Here

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Do It Yourself or Hire Someone?

What projects should you take on, and which are better done by someone else? It's a personal choice. That choice changes, depending on your time and your health and flexibility. Jim Vogel from has this advice: With all of the pressures of modern life, it’s easy to forget about your house. That’s too bad

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