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Are you Making a Mistake by Refinancing?

Given the historic lows for interest rates, it’s a good time for homeowners to review their mortgage information.  It’s easy to get excited by low rates, but everyone should evaluate a new loan based on their current financial situation as well as their long-term goals. Do the math to make a better decision on refinancing

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Eviction: Covid Edition

Massachusetts has a halt on eviction until October 17. There is a Federal halt on eviction until the end of 2020. The state rules to qualify for a halt on eviction are not the same as the federal rules. Since the Massachusetts halt on eviction is scheduled to end in a few weeks, people who

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Avoiding a Big Mistake and Still Being A Competitive Buyer

One really big mistake the house hunters are being talked into is waiving your home inspection. Why you need an inspection If you have a buyer’s agent from our company, you have the backing of people who, collectively, have seen thousands of houses and been to hundreds of home inspections. We spot problems for you,

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What’s in your attic?

If you are lucky enough to have insulation in the floor bays of your attic, what is it made of? If you are really lucky, you could have cellulose – stuff made of old newspapers. Cellulose insulation looks like dirty cottony paper-pulp. You are also lucky if you have fiberglass (that pink cotton-candy-looking stuff.) These, fortunately, are

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In a recession, why are home prices rising?

"America is in a recession, so why are home buyers so optimistic and house prices rising?" I answer questions on Quora sometimes. I choose ones that either interest me personally or professionally. This one is a question that I have been hearing professionally, so it was one I considered answering. When I read the first

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The Flood Factor

There’s a new flood map in town and it is a good one. This one uses modeling to look at future risk to people and properties. Among the towns and cities where we work, there are flood areas along rivers and wetlands. We work near the Atlantic coast, but generally not close enough to matter.

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Pod people in 2020

Creating a Pod During this pandemic, extended families of blood or affinity are forming. The term “pod” is being used to describe small groups of households who are sharing tasks like shopping and childcare. Modern pods are usually neighbors or parents of school-chums. Being in a pod involves a good deal of trust that the

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