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Getting a mortgage: the paper trail you will follow

If you have a new year’s resolution to buy a house in 2022, here are some things you can do to smooth the path to getting a mortgage. The paperwork does not have to be overwhelming, if you are prepared. The mortgage broker, also called a loan originator, is responsible to the lender to prove

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Getting Ready to Buy? How’s Your Credit Score

There is a logic to the way the lenders choose who can borrow for a mortgage. Since 2014, mortgage loans have standard guidelines that require that any mortgage borrower be able to prove that they can repay their loan. Lenders document income, but also debt. How you have been handling debt will affect your mortgage

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Two Incomes and Your Mortgage: Covid Edition

Women who leave the workforce From March to June 2020, children were going to school via Zoom in most towns and cities in Massachusetts. Someone had to supervise children doing remote learning. Someone needed to be home, if the children were home. That someone was their mother, more often than not. Women who worked essential

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Ending 2021: Blessed be!

As of 10:38 yesterday morning, the days are getting longer here in eastern Massachusetts. With the coming of the light, we reflect on 2021, and what lies ahead. 2021: Looking back Health in 2021: Pandemic year number two carried the same uncertainties for us as it did for everyone else. All of our staff, except

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Energy Efficiency Tips for Tenants

Tenants, here are things you can do to increase the heating efficiency of your apartment. Yes, I know that you are stuck with the heating system, doors and windows that your landlord chose. You can still improve your comfort and lower your energy bills. Most of the heat loss will be found around windows and

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Exploring Community Style: Elfland

One of the hardest things for prospective buyers to figure out is what town to house hunt in. This is especially true for relocating buyers and buyers who are making a lifestyle change, such as urban condo to suburban house or vise versa. Before Covid, I recommended that people “test drive” their potential new town.

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Winter House Hunting

Who wants to buy a house in the winter? People who want to be in a house before the spring. People who hate the hoopla of the competitive spring market. People who want to save money. Since August, 2021, 4 Buyers Real Estate has been rocking it in the softer, less competitive market. I am

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Housing and Disaster Management

Cities and towns depend on FEMA when a disaster strikes. When there are tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, floods, and other natural disasters, national funds are tapped to help communities. As the number and magnitude of disasters increase, it costs our national treasury. If housing (and other buildings and infrastructure) are built or retrofitted to be safer

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