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What are those things on the roof?

What are those things on that roof and why are they there? Those little spikes on the roof are there to break up sheets of ice and snow that will be falling off the roof this season. If the ice comes down in one solid sheet, it is heavy and can damage property and hurt

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Best Indoor Plants to Add Color to Your Home

Michelle Wilde is here to introduce you to indoor plants that thrive in low light conditions (like your home this winter).  When it comes to adding a splash of color to your home, there are plenty of options available. Low light plants are your answer for winters indoors. “In the world of gardening, there are

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What agents read to inform their clients better

Journalists will be journalists. Their job is to attract eyes to the story and keep subscribers coming back for more. Even journalists in business publications, like the well-regarded Inman News. That paper is the go-to for many real estate brokerages. Even real estate agents need to keep their eyes open and read between the lines

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Tenants are increasingly rent burdened

Corporations who manage large portfolios of rental property want us to believe that supply and demand will keep the rental market affordable. Even in an affluent state, like Massachusetts, this is not true. Rents rise far faster than income. Renters choose between spending more than a third of their income or moving. “The reality is

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Why are rental prices going up?

Not enough new construction and the tight market for homebuyers have exacerbated an existing housing shortage. But there is more to it than that. There is a concentration of ownership into large businesses that own and manage a growing percentage of America’s rental housing market. Unfortunately, building more housing may make the problem worse for

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Foreclosure, for buyers

Three weeks ago, I wrote about how to make offers below asking price without “lowballing.”  Today, more on foreclosures and short sale properties. They are relatively uncommon in our market despite hysterical headlines. So, if you are getting excited about buying a foreclosed house for a bargain, calm down. The foreclosure rate is returning to

House Hunting for Energy Efficiency

When house hunters calculate their monthly costs, some overlook the cost of heating and electricity. However, it is difficult to get an accurate estimate of your future costs. When house hunting, feel your way As the weather changes, house hunters have an easy way to check for places for drafts. Use your hands and feet. Notice these

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Do You Want to Make a Lowball Offer?

With the market changing, should you prepare to lowball and get a bargain house? Putting in a low offer without the research is futile and likely to ruin your credibility as a buyer. If you are thinking about making an offer well below asking price, there are some things you need to find out first.

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