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What Does an Insurance Agent Do When You’re Buying a Home?

Single-family home buyers need to purchase homeowner’s insurance shortly before they close. Some have never bought any insurance before. If that is your situation, what do you need to know? What to be ready to pay before closing Short answer: You will pay 15 months of homeowner’s insurance by closing day. For houses, lenders will

No Dogs Allowed: condos and pet restrictions

House hunters who love cats or dogs have one more thing to think about when house hunting. Some condo associations restrict all pets. Some  associations restrict cats or dogs. . Some restrict dogs or cats, unleashed or uncrated, but only in the hallways. Some big associations ban dogs only. Some that don’t ban dogs will

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FHA Mortgages Getting Easier to Manage, October 2019

The Federal Housing Authority, or FHA, provides mortgage insurance for people who purchase properties with less than twenty percent down. Some borrowers can only get their low down-payment loans through FHA, because no other institutional lender will qualify them. There is a difference with FHA loans. They weigh the condition of the property more than

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Condo rules. Why do you need them?

When our clients consider buying into a condo association, we remind them to check the association rules. The rules are binding and affect daily life. Some of the rules that irk our clients actually make some sense, when you remember that condos are owned by people. People will be people. Bigger buildings often have rules about