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Modifying your home for older and disabled people

Here's the first of a series of guest posts from Terri Williams, of reviews.com. According to 2017 U.S. Census population estimates, there are nearly 50 million Americans who are 65 years of age or older, and by 2060, that number will surpass 98 million. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that older Americans experience

File this, save thousands on real estate taxes!

Residential exemptions make a big difference to property taxes in Massachusetts. While doing a comparative market analysis for a client, I noticed that half the condos were paying almost twice as much in taxes than other condos that were pretty much the same size and location. The difference wasn’t that some were renovated, thus worth

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Did you have April showers? Check out those downspouts and gutters

Why do we have downspouts and gutters? Partly, we have them so that when we step out of the house we don’t get gallons of rainwater on our heads. We also have them so that the downspouts can channel water away from the foundation of the house. Houses that are set on large tracts of

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Shower me with warmth . . . .

Ron Rothenberg 4Buyers Real Estate I’ve had a new energy-saving device for over a year, and I love it, and it has more than paid for itself a few times over, and it only cost me  $20.00 at the Mass Save store website. It’s an Evolve showerhead, and it saves energy and  solves the problem

Homeowner surprise

My client writes: I am putting together better radon mitigations system and I was looking to run a vent pipe between the joists into the garage and then the roof. There is an area of my basement where they somewhat finished it. Shine the light and here it was. Q: What do you do if

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Safety first: Carbon monoxide

The owner of any residential building in Massachusetts is required to supply a carbon monoxide detector on every habitable level of a house. If you are renting, that is the landlord’s job. If you own, it is yours. When you buy, your lender will require that the local fire department certify that the correct fire

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Can I Come for a Visit?

My awareness of universal design and visitability went up exponentially when I broke my foot this November.   I had been attending an eight week program at a local university. With my crutches, I could get into the building using a ramp. But, to use a ramp, I had to travel farther on my crutches.

Getting the energy audit

Now that the season is beginning to change, home owners are thinking about how efficient and draft-free their house may be (or not be.) As the windows close and the heat starts to kick on, it is time to regret not calling sooner for an energy audit. They are free for Massachusetts utility customers. Since

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