This is What Democracy Looks Like. My Day on Beacon Hill.

My day started out at a Joint Committee on Revenue hearing regarding Somerville Transfer Fee Home Rule Petition (H-4582). Somerville Board of Aldermen have created a transfer fee that will charge non-resident owners and buyers a one percent fee when selling and buying property. If the seller lives there, no fee. If the buyer intends

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When can the landlord come in?

Where is the line between taking care of the property and leaving the tenants alone? One of the sore-points for tenants is that some landlords are not respectful of the tenant’s right to “quiet enjoyment” of their space. A landlord may come in too frequently, may not give notice, and may not cooperate to enter

Home inspection experience of the year

This is one of my favorite home inspector experiences of the year. It started at the house visit. At that tour, there was an insulation that looked different than I am used to. My client was concerned that it was vermiculite. I didn’t think so. I’ve seen vermiculite and it is more rock-like than this.

Happy happy

 Yule was Sunday. Hanukkah ends at nightfall tonight (last candle last night.) Christmas eve tonight, into Christmas tomorrow. Kwanzaa, begins on Friday and runs through January 1. New year, 2015, begins January 1. Enjoy any or all, safely, warmly, in your home or someone else’s. (and here's the fireplace you always wanted!)      

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Watching summer go by on the porch

The porch is making a comeback in American home architecture. In 1993, 42% of new houses were designed with a porch, in 2013, that figure rose to 63%. When I work with house and condo buyers, they almost always want to have someplace to step outside, even if it is only a small porch. It

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Are you the kind of person the seller wants to sell to?

When a buyer makes an Offer to Purchase, it should be clear and complete. It must give the seller the impression that you are a ready, willing, and able buyer. It should reassure the seller that you are organized, have solid financing, and that you are the kind of people they’d like to sell to.

Debunking myths about the current housing market

“…according to the National Association of Realtors, homeownership rates among those 35 and younger is 36%--the lowest level since 1982…” NAR is concerned that this figure is so low. Nationally, it may be unusually low. They say there are myths making this so. I think there are good reasons for it. Entry level housing is

Basics about the Good Faith Estimate

Yet another one of my clients is staying up at night worrying about whether his lender is about to bait-and-switch him, causing thousands of dollars to be added to his closing costs. The changes to the Good Faith Estimate rules, have made me more confident that this kind of consumer manipulation is in the past.