Avoiding a Big Mistake and Still Being A Competitive Buyer

One really big mistake the house hunters are being talked into is waiving your home inspection. Why you need an inspection If you have a buyer’s agent from our company, you have the backing of people who, collectively, have seen thousands of houses and been to hundreds of home inspections. We spot problems for you,

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The Flood Factor

There’s a new flood map in town and it is a good one. This one uses modeling to look at future risk to people and properties. Among the towns and cities where we work, there are flood areas along rivers and wetlands. We work near the Atlantic coast, but generally not close enough to matter.

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May all your dreams come true. Whatever you do, do it in good health.

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Radon 101, for house hunters

What is Radon and why should you care? According to the EPA: Radon is a naturally-occurring, invisible and odorless radioactive gas. One in 15 American homes contains high levels of radon. Radon gas is not isolated to certain geographical areas or home types. Radon problems have been detected in homes in every county of the U.S.

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Good luck! It’s rental season

Renting? Good luck! Boston is the third most expensive rental area in the country. If you are paying first and last month’s rent, and maybe another month’s rent in fees, it makes moving hard, financially. Renters are not our clients, but one day they may be. They are also the friends of our

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This is What Democracy Looks Like. My Day on Beacon Hill.

My day started out at a Joint Committee on Revenue hearing regarding Somerville Transfer Fee Home Rule Petition (H-4582). Somerville Board of Aldermen have created a transfer fee that will charge non-resident owners and buyers a one percent fee when selling and buying property. If the seller lives there, no fee. If the buyer intends

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When can the landlord come in?

Where is the line between taking care of the property and leaving the tenants alone? One of the sore-points for tenants is that some landlords are not respectful of the tenant’s right to “quiet enjoyment” of their space. A landlord may come in too frequently, may not give notice, and may not cooperate to enter

Home inspection experience of the year

This is one of my favorite home inspector experiences of the year. It started at the house visit. At that tour, there was an insulation that looked different than I am used to. My client was concerned that it was vermiculite. I didn’t think so. I’ve seen vermiculite and it is more rock-like than this.