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Can the Landlord Raise the Rent Any Amount They Want?

This question comes up every summer, as leases are renegotiated for the upcoming year. Most leases in eastern Massachusetts turn over during the summer because the Boston metro area is highly influenced by the academic calendar. If you have an annual lease, the landlord can increase the rent at the end of the annual lease.

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Why Asbestos Abatement Matters

Asbestos is a very good fire-stopper. It was used in construction materials for that reason. In the older housing stock common in Eastern Massachusetts, there is frequently asbestos someplace. Over the years, previous homeowners may have already removed it. Your home inspector will look for it before you purchase (if you insist on having that

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Use and Occupancy

Recently, during the most competitive times in the seller-favoring real estate market, more sellers were asking for the right to stay in the home after the closing. This makes life much easier for the seller. Under typical circumstances, the seller and all their possessions must be out of the house before closing. The buyer walks

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5 Interior Design Trends for the Next Decade

A guest post today by Valerie Taylor 5 Interior Design Trends for the Next Decade Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash The year 2020 was a game-changer for everyone worldwide due to the coronavirus health crisis. As people spent a big chunk of their time inside their homes, they started to see the value of creating

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Throw Some Shade

Insulated window shades and curtains are effective in lowering heating and cooling costs. It’s common sense! Just think about how much cooler it is under the umbrella in the summer instead of being directly in the sun. When the sun shines into your windows, heat passes through the glass into your house. It then rises

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