Autumn Review: What’s happening in real estate?

There is high demand to buy housing. In 2020, people had months at home, learning everything they hate about where they live. So, when real estate started up again this summer, buyer demand was high. In the summer, the best sales were on empty houses, since neither buyers nor sellers were comfortable with showings of

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Avoidable Problems: How a Walkthrough Protects Buyers

Sometimes, we hear stories from people who planned on using our services but then wandered into an open house and found themselves represented by the person at the open house. This happened to someone Dave knew, recently. By the time Dave found out about it, it was too late. The agent who “represented” these buyers

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Dave Twombly

Dave Twombly was featured on the podcast Real Estate Launchpad. (listen here) Why you should work with Dave He focuses heavily on client service. He always responds to potential clients and existing clients quickly. In a real estate world where the more clients the better, Dave chooses to only take on a handful of clients

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Don’t Give Up Your Rights

Here’s how James Morrison at Banker and Tradesman reported on Dave Twombly, my favorite agent of the week (wink!) Buyers Need Protection Just down Mass. Ave. at 4 Buyers Real Estate, also in Cambridge, the exclusive buyer agents tell the buyers they work with that home inspection contingencies are a must, according to agent Dave

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Local Realtor vs. Exclusive Buyer Agent

By Dave Twombly I was recently interviewed by potential clients about our services.  One of the two towns they are looking in is just outside of our coverage area. The potential client asked if working with us would put them at a disadvantage. Here is the question and my reply. Potential Client: I know that you

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Can I Buy A House During the Winter?

By Dave Twombly It's been a tough go of it for some of my buyers in the past few months. The inventory of houses on the market has been low and the demand has been rabid. You go to a cozy little Cape in Arlington and see that 35 people have come to the open

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Once. Twice. Three times……a kitchen?

By Dave Twombly When you spend your days going in and out of different properties you often come across interesting things. I imagine this is especially true in an area like Boston where buildings date back to well before the founding of the nation and it's not at all rare to show houses built in

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Can Air Conditioners Fly?

By Dave Twombly When you live on the 3rd floor of a triple decker and have the remarkable ability to perspire at the drop of a hat, air conditioners become your best, and most important, ally. It's with this in mind that in late May of every year I go through the ritual of hauling

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