Dave Twombly was featured on the podcast Real Estate Launchpad. (listen here)

Why you should work with Dave

  • He focuses heavily on client service.
  • He always responds to potential clients and existing clients quickly.
  • In a real estate world where the more clients the better, Dave chooses to only take on a handful of clients at a time. This gives him the chance to walk every property with a client, explain the process of home buying, and cater to their individual needs.

By taking time to find the best property for the client, he is creating a happy client. Happy clients write good references. Even though selling a home in a shorter period of time produces money quicker, it does not all always create a good process and happy clients. Dave chooses to look in the long term; the goal is to have happy clients who tell other people good stories about their buying experience.

What is the process?

When Dave works with buyers, he has an initial conversation either face-to-face or on the phone to get general information. He wants to learn the buying situation: price range, timetable, what size of home his client is looking for. He then spends time explaining how he operates. Before signing a contract, he will take potential clients out to look at properties. Dave says it is important to know if he and a potential client will work well together. He is looking for a client that he clicks with, as well as someone who will listen to his advice. If these things all check out, Dave will then sign a contract with a client.

How did Dave come to 4 Buyers Real Estate?

I found Dave through a former client. Dave came to me with deep experience in customer service, good organizational skills, and an easy-going disposition. He is the kind of guy who makes friends easily. He has a huge network of people who help his clients through the process. All of the process, not just getting to closing, not just attorneys and inspectors. He frequently knows someone who lives in the neighborhood, or a contractor who could do a certain repair or renovation, or someone who can be useful to you for something entirely unrelated to real estate.

Dave’s clients rave about how comfortable he is to be around. How clearly he explains the process, answers questions, solves problems, and makes a hard process go smoothly.

Favorite client quotes from his client recommendations:

He had an eye for architectural details and their potential impact on your lifestyle and maintenance requirements.

He was very patient through the entire process and responded quickly to every question.

Dave gave us all the knowledge and information we needed yet not overriding our thoughts.

The home buying process ended up being a really fun experience and I am extremely satisfied with EVERYTHING. Dave did an outstanding job! Was always on top of things, informed me of any changes that we need to know about and explained things very clearly. He is very talented and he definitely knows more than real estate!

…he is in some ways a mentor for new homeowners; he provided referrals to contractors and continued to advise us after our closing and moving.

Dave is an easy to talk to, thoughtful, and hardworking asset that you will be lucky to have on your side.


The outline of the Podcast from Real Estate Launchpad:

  • [2:06] Who he is, and what an exclusive buyer’s agent does
  • [5:12] How he built his business
  • [8:04] How he reached a turning point in his career
  • [9:29] The key to getting referrals
  • [11:32] The process to working with Dave
  • [14:19] Why you should work with an exclusive buyer’s agent
  • [19:00] How working with Dave affects a buyer’s commission
  • [24:47] Short term greed vs long term greed in real estate
  • [31:14] Current housing market in Boston, Massachusetts