Sometimes, we hear stories from people who planned on using our services but then wandered into an open house and found themselves represented by the person at the open house. This happened to someone Dave knew, recently. By the time Dave found out about it, it was too late.

The agent who “represented” these buyers had a contract to list the house and get the best price and terms for the house. In the end, the agent’s allegiance became pretty obvious.

After closing, Dave got this email from the buyers:

 I’m fully regretting not having a buyers agent who cared one iota about our side of the equation. The sellers left a huge mess in the basement. Pictures don’t do it justice but…

They thought they were doing me a favor by leaving 50 moldy old cabinets in the basement. Some of them haven’t been opened in decades. Disgusting!

Junk left behind

This problem has a solution.

Exclusive buyer’s agents (like us!) would have acted on behalf of the buyer.

Sellers and buyers don’t know what is supposed to stay and what is supposed to go when a house changes hands. It is up to the professionals – that’s the real estate agents – to make sure the right things go and the right things stay. That’s part of why we do the walkthrough.

When the listing agents don’t do their job, and the wrong things stay or go, we, the buyer’s agents, take care of our clients by getting an adjustment at closing. The seller is obligated to clear the house of their personal property. If they don’t, they pay for the removal costs. Generally, we ask that a worst-case cost of removal is held in escrow. That is used to pay the removal fees, with any balance going back to the sellers.

For these buyers, who were “represented” by the listing agent, the removal cost is their problem. That pile of moldy construction wood will cost thousands to remove. The town where this house is requires a permit for removal of construction wood of this type. They will need to pay permit fees, labor, and a dumpster.

It happens all the time!

The problem of sellers leaving behind debris is so common that wrote about it just last month. Funny, they called me to get information. You should call an exclusive buyer’s agent too.

Friends don’t let friends buy with dual agents.