When a buyer’s agent buys a car (true story)

f Our life experience makes us better at helping buyers stay even-keeled during their house hunting and buying. Buying a house is the biggest purchase most people ever make, and most people do it a few times in a lifetime. As exclusive buyer’s agents, we do it all the time. It is humbling,

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What’s happening in the spring market, 2019?

Spring real estate market Here's what we're seeing at 4 Buyers Real Estate. Our clients continue to buy properties, even against competition that is willing to waive their rights to a home inspection or a mortgage contingency. (That contingency allows buyers to get their deposits back if their mortgage is delayed or denied.

We work together. Why it matters

Our clients benefit from the experience of our entire staff. We work together, helping one another find good options for your house-hunting decisions. If something comes up that your agent has never seen before, someone else in the office probably has. Few real estate offices offer a collaborative model; we are in a dog-eat-dog industry,

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Free memberships at Angie’s List

Angie’s List now has a free membership for people who want to read and write reviews. You’ve heard of Angie’s List. Did it turn you off with its membership fee? Well, that fee is gone. The staff confirm that reviewers actually used the businesses. It keeps the reviews more accurate. We’ve had happy clients writing

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What is exclusive buyer brokerage?

4 Buyers Real Estate is one of a small number of real estate firms that works exclusively for house and condo buyers. We do not list property for sale, so we can be the best at getting buyers their best deals. We do this because: We are more effective as a team. We can pool

Best of the Happy Homeowner’s Blog, 2014

I run another blog for my clients who own houses. I call them “Happy Homeowners” and most of them live up to the title. Here are some of my favorites from 2014: Data sites for watching the current market Emergency! Ice dams. Insulated curtains for energy conservation in the summer, too. Which renovations pay back