Happy New Year to our Jewish clients and friends.

Today, a personal note. While you are reading this, I am celebrating the Jewish New Year. It is a happy time and also a time of reflection. For the past month, I have been thinking about my life and what is important.

Since this is the company blog, this is what is important about my company:

What makes 4 Buyers Real Estate different than most other companies is that we are a collaborative. We support one another, teach one another, learn from one another, so that we can be the best for our clients.

Our summer report card shows what I mean:

  • When Pearl was on vacation, Alex got three of her clients under agreement.
  • When Dave was on vacation, Pearl got one of his clients under agreement.

We have systems in place so that all our agents can take a vacation and not lose money by not being there all-the-time. This keeps us fresh and at our best.

This year has been the worst seller-favoring market I have ever seen. My agents are the best. Clients, will you please sent them a note of appreciation? Or even better, write a review!