Prepare to be the best buyer:

Just like listing agents “stage” the houses (by removing clutter from occupied

houses or putting furniture in empty ones), we work with you to demonstrate that

you are the best buyer.

Sellers want to know more about you than “How much will you pay?” The buyer

who is organized, qualified, and agreeable will get the best price from a seller. We

will show you how to answer the seller’s unasked questions so that you are the

buyer they want to sell to. It can get you a property in competition. It can get you a

lower price. It costs you nothing.

Reduce stress:

Make these decisions before you start house hunting. This clears your mind for

negotiation when you find your house.

1. How much? Contact and interview at least two mortgage lenders. Once you

find out what you can borrow, calculate the monthly payment, including tax

and insurance. Then decide what you want to borrow.

Once you know what you are willing and able to spend, look at homes that

are for sale and homes that have recently sold in your price range. (You can

see homes for sale in the MLS and at open houses; we can supply you with a

list of homes that have sold.)

When you feel confident that you can find a home in your range, apply for a

mortgage pre-approval. You need a written pre-approval before you start

house hunting.

2. Where? If you already live near where you are buying, you already know

how well it suits you. If you do not know, find out now! Test commuting

time. Make sure that activities you enjoy are available. Check out schools,

churches, libraries, supermarkets, and/or other businesses and institutions

you expect to frequent.

Decide who else will work for you

Choose a real estate lawyer and home inspector. Interview by web browsing, or

directly by phone. Choose one, and choose a back-up, too.