When can the landlord come in?

Where is the line between taking care of the property and leaving the tenants alone? One of the sore-points for tenants is that some landlords are not respectful of the tenant’s right to “quiet enjoyment” of their space. A landlord may come in too frequently, may not give notice, and may not cooperate to enter

Snow shoveling — who is required to do it?

Winter. Yes, the days are short now. Soon we'll see (and be shoveling) snow. Will we see white stuff like last year, or the year before? I get asked questions about snow removal, as a real estate agent. Since they are legal questions, I depend on Attorney Richard Vetstein for accurate legal answers to general

Seller’s Statement of Property Condition. Advice for Buyers

Seller’s Statement of Property Condition is a standard form. As a buyer, you may see this 8-page form at an open house. It’ll be on the table with a big “DO NOT REMOVE” written across the top. If you like a house and are considering making an offer, you should be reviewing this paperwork before

Should houses be required to have an energy audit before being put on the market?

Senator Downing of Massachusetts sponsored a bill requiring that home owners have a free energy audit of their house before putting it on the market for sale. The results of that audit are to be disclosed to potential home buyers. The rate of auditing shall be tracked. A rating system shall be developed. I think

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Bad advice that could cost my client $30,000

A new client sent us an email asking about his pre-approval: Hi Rona and Dave, Here is our pre-approval letter from _______ Bank.  I had (the loan originator)write it up for $---k with 30% down.  We can adjust it as we see it. His suggestion was to put 30% down in the letter to make

How do I pick an attorney and inspector before I start house hunting?

We recommend that househunters choose an attorney and an inspector (and a back-up for each) early in the house hunting process. That way, when you find a house and start making offer, you are not scrambling to interview attorneys and inspectors during a busy week. You need to know what they are going to be

Can I be on the Deed, but not on the mortgage?

Sometimes a couple will qualify for a mortgage with one partner’s income, but won’t qualify with their combined income and debt. Think new lawyer with $200,000 in student loans. Think recently divorced and remarried person still carrying the bad credit from his/her ex. You would think that lenders wouldn’t allow only one person to be

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