What projects should you take on, and which are better done by someone else? It’s a personal choice. That choice changes, depending on your time and your health and flexibility. Jim Vogel from ElderAction.org has this advice:

With all of the pressures of modern life, it’s easy to forget about your house. That’s too bad since your home is probably the biggest investment in your life. It’s also where you and your family live, so changes here can have a large impact on everyone’s happiness.

That’s why so many people invest in their homes through a remodeling project. Doing the right work can help your family enjoy their time at home, but it can also add value so you earn more money when you eventually sell the house. Before you pick up a paintbrush or a hammer, should that project be done by you or a professional, like a contractor? That depends on what you’re doing.

Add Value and Comfort

There are really two reasons to start a remodeling project at your home: You want to add to the resale value or you want to make things more comfortable for your family. Of course, you can do both with the same remodeling project.

HGTV recommends that you focus on your kitchen and bathroom. These rooms are vital to your family. While you technically spend the most time in the bedroom, that’s because you sleep there. Making improvements to your kitchen and bathroom can add a lot of value to your home. Plus, even some small changes — replacing the bathroom mirror or adding a backsplash — can help.

When it comes to comfort, temperature is a big factor. That’s why The Huffington Post recommends replacing old windows. You lose a lot of heat through these, but new windows can also decrease noise and improve the look. Lighting is another area to look at, as some rooms are best with bright lights while others better with softer lighting.

What You Can Do

Doing some home remodeling doesn’t have to be a herculean task — not if you pick the right project, of course. What home improvement can you do by yourself? While that depends somewhat on your skill level and tools, DIY Joy has a great list of easy home improvements that still make a difference.

A fresh coat of paint can really change a room. It does add value, but it can also make a room feel cozier. Faucets are not too hard to replace, and adding a brand-new one can make the whole bathroom or kitchen look updated. Raised flower beds look great in your backyard, and updating the knobs and handles on your cabinets is an affordable and quick fix.

Let Professionals Do These Jobs

Although DIY remodeling projects can be fun, there are certain tasks that really should be done by professionals. That’s because making a small mistake when repainting a room is easily fixed — but not when that mistake involves a gas line or electrical wiring.

Other tasks you should leave to a professional contractor include removing trees, adding rooms, removing walls, repaving a driveway, and any remodeling that involves gas, wiring, or plumbing. Remember that the cost savings made by doing these projects yourself are not worth the risk of the large repair bills that come when such projects are done wrong.

Another task you should leave for professional is gutter cleaning. Here in Massachusetts, your gutters can easily get clogged by leaves, driving rainwater into your walls and foundation. HomeAdvisor explains that the average price is $123-$225 and should take around four hours. (note from Rona, it’s more like $400 around here.)

Do The Right Project

Remodeling your home can be a great idea. The right project can add value and comfort to your home, and many can be done by yourself. Just be honest with yourself about your skills and hire professionals for any serious changes. This way, your remodeling project can be done safely and correctly.