Tenants, here are things you can do to increase the heating efficiency of your apartment. You can save money on your home heating. Yes, I know that you are stuck with the system your landlord chose, but you can make it work better.

Windows, the quick fix:

Open and close, then lock all your windows. Locking the windows reduces the cold air flow significantly. Most tenants don’t know that these windows are not really sealed until they are locked. Now you know. Insulated curtains help, too, mostly to control drafts.


Hot water baseboard, preventable problems:

  • Vacuum your baseboards. Dust decreases the efficiency.
  • Baseboards work by drawing air from underneath, heating it, then letting it rise through the vent at the top. Don’t block the air flow with furniture or high carpet. Make sure the louver at the top is open.
  • Hot water baseboards will not cause a fire if curtains or furniture touches it. You can have curtains near this type of heat register.

radiator-covers-efficiencyRadiator problems:

  • Keep your radiators clean.
  • Allow air flow by leaving a foot or so between radiators and furniture.
  • Unfortunately, most radiator efficiency problems are basic to their design or the design of their covers. This is a landlord expense, not one for tenants.