My client writes:

I am putting together better radon mitigations system and I was looking to run a vent pipe between the joists into the garage and then the roof. There is an area of my basement where they somewhat finished it. Shine the light and here it was.

rifleQ: What do you do if you find a firearm?

A: Call the police and let them take it from there. The gun may have been registered by a previous, deceased or otherwise long-gone, owner. It may be an illegal gun. That’s for the police to figure out.

And, yes, this has never happened to one of my buyers before now. You never know what will happen in houses!

Things that we have found on walk-through:

A complete set of hockey equipment for a team. It was in a team bag in a window seat cabinet.

The owner’s wallet in a kitchen cabinet.

A large bag of stuffed animals (plush toys, not taxidermy) in a high over-the-closet bedroom cabinet.

A corkscrew in a drawer.

Wine or champagne, flowers, chocolate, and frequently cards that were intentionally left for the new owners.

Things found after the new owners moved in:

Years of love letters between the previous owner and his mistress, dating back 10-20 years before the sale. These were hidden in the dropped ceiling in his office.

And now, a hunting rifle!

The squirrels in Lincoln are sleeping more soundly now that this gun is gone.