A thing of beauty is a joy forever! In honor of Valentine’s Day, I share work that makes my Buyer Broker heart go pitter-pat with joy.

new wiring 2new wiringA quality electrician or plumber will install their materials with care. Although loose, wiggly wires carry current as well as these will, the care taken to do a neat job of it says volumes about the technician who did this.

Look for: straight wire placement, consistent stapling in place, labeled panel, labeled wires.


plumbing.pexPlumbers also show their pride of workmanship in basements. A good plumbing job will have logical, direct water lines. Pipes that go every which way is a sign of a cheap retrofit or a poorly organized plumber. High quality work will have neat joins, whatever the pipe material is. Solder is melted to seal metal pipes, glue seals hard plastic pipes, like PVC. Clamps hold flexible pipes like PEX together.


Beating-heart.gif~c200I don’t know if I am more in love with the beautiful work, or its crafter.