Rona Fischman looks back on 2011

2010 was the best year, ever, in my career. I had worked through the growing pains of establishing my own business (I started in April 2008.) In January 2010, 4 Buyers Real Estate was me and Dianne. By March, I hired Matthew and Sandy. In September, Ron came on board. For those of you who don’t know this, Ron Rothenberg was the person who brought me into real estate in 1991. He was my mentor and the biggest influence on my career. I was honored that he wanted to work for me.

2011 started out on a high. We were bigger and better than ever. Dave joined us right around Groundhog’s Day making 4 Buyers Real Estate a six-agent firm. Despite the weather, we dashed through the snow and held our first big Groundhog’s Day celebration at Flatbread.  A good time was had by those who dug out and came.

Things went downhill for the company as Sandy took family leave. She expects to return to the firm in September 2012. Matthew left real estate. So by spring we were four.

The summer left me and Dave as the only agents standing. Dianne fractured her knee and Ron simultaneously took sick leave. The upside is that Dave became my right-hand man and turned into a great agent. Also this summer, I got our FaceBook Page  going, we started to benefit from being an Angie’s List Super Service Award winner,  and got most of the kinks out of our website, blog, and FaceBook communications. I continue to blog at and I completed my book proposal. The book is based on my experiences as a buyer’s agent and my study of neuroscience and decision-making. (So far, I’ve had one rejection. If you know any agents I can send it to, please let me know!)

Despite the departures and the absences, we celebrate a wonderful diversity of households established this year. We worked with new construction, short sales, starter homes, trade-ups and trade-downs. Our clients were young and old, single people, couples, couples who were expecting, and couples with children. We continue to be blessed by having smart, interesting, and nice people knock on our door. If that continues into 2012, I will be grateful.

Happy New Year!