By Dave Twombly

It’s right there in our name, 4 Buyers.  You know who we are for.  We are Buyer’s Agents, representing our clients in the search for their next home. While we do work with many first time homebuyers, believe it or not, oftentimes our clients who are looking to buy a home are also looking to sell a home. As, more often than not we put them in the home they are selling, they turn to us for help. The only catch is that we don’t sell properties. However, we know the folks that do.

Buying a home means that somebody is selling a home.  That means there is an agent representing the seller (in most cases, unless the owner is selling the property themselves). In the process of representing our clients, we get to know the folks on the other side fairly intimately.  We see the good, the bad and the ugly.

We also see the sellers’ agents in the other aspect of their work, marketing and presenting the property. Through the thousands of open houses and showings we’ve been to we’ve seen many things.  We look with a critical eye (some of us with a hyper critical eye). There are agents who are on the ball, ready for your questions or to point out something you might not see. They have taken the time to learn about their client’s property, their client, and things that might interest people looking for a property like that one.  (Kinda sounds like what they should be doing, right?)

Then there is the flip side. Nothing makes me shudder more than walking into a property and seeing the agent texting away on their phone or ignoring me as I walk in. They don’t know if I’m a potential buyer or just scouting a property for a client.  They should be ready for me, treat me as if I am the one who’s going to buy that property.

The only thing that’s worse is the agent that says “Oh, I don’t know, I’m just here covering the open house for another agent” when asked a question.  (You’d be surprised how much you hear that). I always think how I’d react if I was trying to sell my home, paying this person a substantial sum of money to help me through the process and this was how they were representing my property.  My reaction would be something that’s probably not fit to print in this blog.

Why am I going on about this?  Because I love you, dear reader, of course.  But also because if you are selling your home in addition to looking for the next (or has a friend who is), we can help you. We can’t represent you in the sale of your home, but we can help you find the right person to represent you in the sale of your home. This is not a job for just anyone.  You need the right person who’s going to do the work and represent you and your property.  We’ve done the weeding for you and we are happy to share the fruits of our labor.