Rona writes:

On Friday, November 2, I wrote my final entry at the blog site set up by The Boston Globe. I left to pay more attention to the real need for information for real house buyers and owners. My first obligation has always been to my clients and my friends and family. You are all welcome to pick my brain about real estate. I try to be an open book (and an open blog.) My new blog  will soon be networked to FaceBook and Linked-in and such. Until then, please drop by or subscribe.

Sometimes, while at I felt as if I were in this Monty Python skit, called “Argument Clinic.” (begins after a commercial at 0:13)

Although this skit was written in England many years ago, it totally reminded me of some of the commenters that regularly inhabit some blog sites. “Snark Monster” is my favorite of the names given to these creatures. (thank you Kihon1 for bringing the term to my attention.)

First, a Snark Monster will insult (0:51.) Then a Snark Monster will contradict. (1:32.) This is neither is respectful nor helpful to my readers who actually want to learn something. I learned to tune it out.

The writers of the Monty Python skit actually make a good argument about what constitutes a good argument:

“An argument is a collected series of statements to establish a definite proposition…” “Argument is an intellectual process. Contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says.” To which, the paid arguer says, “No, it isn’t.”

Those of you who followed me from, know what I am talking about.