Season’s Greetings

A Somerville moment to celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas to our Christian clients and readers. P.S. Hanukkah is already over. Solstice is tomorrow. Kwanzaa is December 26th. Best to you and yours in 2018, whoever you may be!

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Memorial Day and the men and women who came home

Memorial Day is when we honor the servicemen and servicewomen who died in the military.   In the current wars, there have been far more men and women returning injured than not returning at all. They carry the physical and psychological wounds, as well as the memory of their fallen comrades.   Dead: 6855 Wounded:

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Can I Come for a Visit?

My awareness of universal design and visitability went up exponentially when I broke my foot this November.   I had been attending an eight week program at a local university. With my crutches, I could get into the building using a ramp. But, to use a ramp, I had to travel farther on my crutches.

Rona leaves to spend more time with you

Rona writes: On Friday, November 2, I wrote my final entry at the blog site set up by The Boston Globe. I left to pay more attention to the real need for information for real house buyers and owners. My first obligation has always been to my clients and my friends and family. You are

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Rona chatted live for

Twice a year or so, the Boston Globe asks me to chat live with readers. Today, I did my Fall Chat. Timely topics included: What to do if you are buying in a low inventory area. What to do if you are selling in a poor demand area. What does the real estate market look

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On the World Trade Center

I remember when the buildings of the World Trade Center in New York City went up. There used to be a fruit market on that site. It was sort of like Haymarket.  We used to stop there on a weekend to get fruit. I remember huge oranges and a friendly guy with an accent who

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The Joys of Searching for a Rental

By Dave Twombly Dave Twombly is moving! Here's the story: Maybe you are like us. A young(ish) family, new to parenthood, realizing that it's time to move. Your once great apartment, convenient to everything, is now too small, not aging well, or not what you deem safe for your newest roommate. Or worse, perhaps your

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Dianne takes on ugliness on the outside

by Dianne Schaefer After taking on the dark green wallpaper, we turned our attention to ugliness on the outside of the house. Renovating the exterior is a much larger task. The house was three stories, four in the back because the land sloped down. The house was covered with stucco, which had been repaired in

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Reading Stats

My father worked for the New York Post in distribution (Did you ever wonder how newspapers got to those little kiosks in New York City? That was my Dad!) He’d read all the daily papers and compare the stories on the train coming home. He called it “comparing the lies.” We’d discuss them over dinner.

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