Hello friends and fans! Today, meet Dave Twombly. He’s the newest member of the 4 Buyer’s team:

“Who am I? Why am I here?” That’s what Independent candidate Admiral James Stockdale asked during the Vice Presidential debate in 1992. While that line seemingly ended his political career, it seems like a good place for me to start.

I’m a life-long lover of houses. One of my earliest memories is looking through the Luxury Homes and Estates section of the New York Times Magazine on Sundays while everybody was reading the paper. The son of an architectural historian, I was toted to Frank Lloyd Wright buildings before I could talk (my picture even shows up in a biography of Wright), taken to Europe to see great works of public spaces, and would take Sunday drives looking at the big houses in my hometown. In college, I’ve made a pilgrimage to way Western Pennsylvania to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, Fallingwater. It’s safe to say I’ve always had a love of buildings, spaces and property. It’s this love that has brought me to a second stint in the world of real estate. Having once dabbled in the world of rentals I’m back to work on the other (better?) side of the industry, helping people to navigate the complex waters of buying the right home.

While the rental world suited me at the time (I was young, single, footloose and fancy free) the world of the buyer’s agent makes more sense now. As a married man and new father, I understand the difficulty of outgrowing spaces, issues with renting and wanting to secure a piece of the dream in which your family can put down roots. I’ve been through the process myself searching, but not finding, the space for us. I understand how difficult, emotional, and sometimes draining this process can be. I plan on using my 15 years of sales and customer service experience to make this process easier on you.
We answered the “Why am I here?” now for the “Who am I?” (Unlike Stockdale, I don’t need to turn my hearing aid on!)I was born and raised in a small suburb of NYC (some folks call it New Jersey) but early on decided I wanted to live in Cambridge, MA (cross one goal off my list). I love the mixture of suburban streets (like where I grew up) and urban convenience. I can’t believe that I’ve been in the Boston area for close to 20 years now.

I’ve worked in customer service/sales jobs my entire life, building longstanding relationships with the folks I’ve worked with. I have former clients from 10+ years ago who are still friends. This is something that I’m starting to experience in this real estate world too. Cooking is my main source of entertainment. Well it used to be. Most days now, I can be found chasing a nearly 1 year old girl around the apartment, trying to make sense of who she is and what she’s about (I think I just heard some parents out there sigh “good luck with that!”) All while trying to teach her to love the same things her mom and I do (the blues, the Red Sox, sleeping, reading and not taking life too seriously).

I feel that all of this has led me to the world of buyer agency and 4Buyers Real Estate. Let the games begin.