One of my pet peeves about houses for sale is that many of them are unpleasant because they are dirty. Houses collect hold odor in the heat of the summer and in the dead of the winter. Sellers, ventilate. Sellers, clean your homes. Sellers, don’t cover it with perfume!

It’s little wonder why some places stink in the summer and the winter. This article from Yahoo looked at housekeeping.  The survey showed more than half of men between 18 and 25 said that. I can see that as true, especially when many young men between 18 and 22 are in college. It is not at all beyond my imagination that college age young men change their sheets once at the end of each semester, once when they move back to the dorms, and the fourth time…I don’t know, they must find some reason.

The general trend rings true in my business. Young men, living outside of couples, seem to do laundry much less frequently than necessary in the summer. I also testify that there are some young women, living singly, can be as filthy as the guys. Yes. I have seen it, and smelled it.

laundryDuring the summer, I find myself reminding my clients that the house smells like “young men” and that the smell is likely to leave with them. The reason that “young man aroma” leaves is that it usually is caused by dirty cloth. That cloth leaves with the laundry-averse person who sweated into it.

Buyers, your task is to separate the smells that are in the home with those in the seller’s things. Dirty laundry will go with the sellers. So will week-old deteriorating garbage. However, if the filth has gotten into the wood or walls of the house, the smell may stay. Organic smells can be absorbed into wood and wallboard. So, a dirty cat-box smell goes with the box, but the urine-soaked floor beneath it is all yours after closing. So checking on housekeeping can save you some time and money.