This year, at Thanksgiving time. I held an appreciation event for my staff and the allied professionals who make my company run. A good time was had by all. There is a joy in stopping to appreciate the hard work and deep commitment of those we work for me.

Thanksgiving was initially adapted from traditions of harvest festivals. It is a time to notice how much we have. It is a national holiday, not a religious one. There is controversy; the holiday commemorates a time when Indigenous people here were suffering from illness and famine, yet supported the European immigrants to their shores. Christopher Columbus  is not a uniformly loved fellow.

The minute the turkey goes into the refrigerator, the “holiday season” starts. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday. Shop, shop, shop, eat, eat, eat. The saving grace of all this consumption is that it involves friends and family. I hope it helps you stay close to those who are important to you.

How do you include your friends and family who have different ideas about religion? The richness of eastern Massachusetts is in its diversity, at least it feels that way near the cities. But, we are still largely white.  57.6% of us claim affiliation with a religion. Not to be snarky, but that means nearly half of us have no religious affiliation. Please don’t let the holidays be a time for ill will. There are ways to include everyone. 

What are the things we can agree on? What things are givens in your community?

Sharing festive eating?

Sharing festive drinking?

Sharing activities outdoors?

Sharing home decoration?

Parties and gatherings?

Gift giving?

Wishing you all the best, from 4 Buyers Real Estate. Please let it be a time when you appreciate and enjoy all that you have.