National Eating Season

You are not really paying attention to real estate this week, right? Yep... That's what I thought. Happy holidays! I've been calling this time "National Eating Season" for many years. It is the time when I spend more time in festive eating than I would any other time of year. It is natural for humans

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Thanksgiving and Winter Holidays

This year, at Thanksgiving time. I held an appreciation event for my staff and the allied professionals who make my company run. A good time was had by all. There is a joy in stopping to appreciate the hard work and deep commitment of those we work for me. Thanksgiving was initially adapted from traditions

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Election Endorsements

This is the first election endorsement blog for me, ever. First, where I am coming from: Core values: I, obviously, care about the economy and housing; that includes additional issues that contribute to economic health and fair housing. I believe economic health and access to housing is connected to issues such as healthcare, transportation, and

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Choosing a School District

So, what do you do to get the best education you can afford for your children? Public information: The Department of Education publishes district profiles. To open a report card, write the town or district into the box for “Search for your Report Card.” Then use the hyperlinks below that to see the information. Within

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