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This was the “Thanksgiving of the mouse.” Two out of three of the households we visited had uninvited squatters of the rodent variety. I ended up being the hero this week. My niece, who is a tall, strong woman turns into a ten-year-old at the thought of a mouse. Well, not entirely. The day before

Winter house hunting starts after Thanksgiving

Even though it isn't winter yet, housing prices begin to drop this time of year. Winter is a bargain-hunter's paradise, but it is also house-hunting hell. Between Thanksgiving and Martin Luther King Day (or Super Bowl Sunday when the Pats are in the playoffs), demand dries up, but so does inventory. The drain on demand

Prevent basement flooding from hot water heaters

Ron Rothenberg, homeowner and exclusive buyer's agent, has a love-hate relationship with hot water heaters. He's ready to break up with his conventional direct-fired water heater. This is one of the reasons why: Apres le water heater, le deluge by Ron Rothenberg (edited from 2010 post) Conventional water heaters have always bothered me. Why would

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Good news for affordable housing in Boston

Q: What happened in Boston on Tuesday night will affect the region’s housing. A: Question 5 in Boston passed! Q: What’s that? A: It was a ballot measure that increased property tax on Boston residents by 1 percent. This money will be dedicated to affordable housing, recreation, and historic preservation projects. The expectation is that

Change in smoke detector laws. Will it save lives?

As of December 1, this year, all houses built before 1975 will need to be equipped with 10-year smoke detectors. Current law requires that smoke detectors be replaced every 10 years, but most people don’t do it. The new rule, detectors will have sealed 10-year batteries. When the battery squeaks, it is time to replace

Are you moving to Somerville for the schools?

Do you learn better by doing a project than by sitting at a desk and reading? Do you think your children are like you in that regard? If so, you may want to move to Somerville--for the schools. Say what? Somerville Schools just got the motherlode of good luck in the school department. Powderhouse Studios 

Who is watching at the open house?

Danger! Open house It has long been obvious to us that open houses are not safe for the owners of the house. Agents for the seller cannot protect the house, were someone to come in with a notion to steal. Recently, an incident was reported to the police in Weston, where drugs were stolen from

How our professional association works against our clients

The Massachusetts Association of Realtors® frequently has political initiatives that we are against. As a member, I refrain from assisting them in these actions. I notify my representative that I am a member of the association, but disagree a particular policy. This summer, my association embarrassed me by fighting tooth and nail against mandatory energy