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Direct Vent Heating Systems. What to Not Worry About.

Direct vent heating systems are the ones that run so efficiently that they can vent through a PVC pipe instead of a chimney. Why does the efficiency matter? If the air coming out of the boiler is still very hot, it cannot travel through plastic PVC pipes. Newer high-efficiency boilers and hot water heaters use

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Real estate economy, 2019 prediction

What will house hunting look like this year, around Boston? The local real estate economy follows the national economy. The National Association of Realtors® expects home sales to flatten and home prices to continue to increase, though at a slower pace. Our local market is behaving just the way I told you it would last October.  What

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Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rentals have their place as a way to make money in real estate. Like any other new business model, it functions like the Wild West. Some people make a fortune. Some of those people do a good business. Some use the loosened regulation as a way to rent poor-quality spaces and avoid taxes. When

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House hunting on line

Here’s a quick primer on house hunting on line. Our clients get a customized search in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). That is the primary database, which shares property information with consumer sites, like Zillow.  Our searches aim to be specific.  The raw data is out there, so some of our clients enjoy seeing it all.

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Dave Twombly

Dave Twombly was featured on the podcast Real Estate Launchpad. (listen here) Why you should work with Dave He focuses heavily on client service. He always responds to potential clients and existing clients quickly. In a real estate world where the more clients the better, Dave chooses to only take on a handful of clients

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We work together. Why it matters.

Our clients benefit from the experience of our entire staff. We work together, helping one another find good options for your house-hunting decisions. If something comes up that your agent has never seen before, someone else in the office probably has. Few real estate offices offer a collaborative model; we are in a dog-eat-dog industry,

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National Eating Season

You are not really paying attention to real estate this week, right? Yep... That's what I thought. Happy holidays! I've been calling this time "National Eating Season" for many years. It is the time when I spend more time in festive eating than I would any other time of year. It is natural for humans

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Thanksgiving and Winter Holidays

This year, at Thanksgiving time. I held an appreciation event for my staff and the allied professionals who make my company run. A good time was had by all. There is a joy in stopping to appreciate the hard work and deep commitment of those we work for me. Thanksgiving was initially adapted from traditions

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Energy efficiency for tenants

Tenants, here are things you can do to increase the heating efficiency of your apartment. You can save money on your home heating. Yes, I know that you are stuck with the system your landlord chose, but you can make it work better. Windows, the quick fix: Open and close, then lock all your windows. Locking

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