affordable housing

Home Rule Petitions for Affordable Housing

Boston and Somerville have both sent home rule petitions to the State Legislature that have been written to assist tenants in properties that are being sold for development. Boston’s involves increasing the amount of notice that tenants get, if their leases are not going to be renewed. It requires landlord sellers to report their sales,

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Good news for affordable housing in Boston

Q: What happened in Boston on Tuesday night will affect the region’s housing. A: Question 5 in Boston passed! Q: What’s that? A: It was a ballot measure that increased property tax on Boston residents by 1 percent. This money will be dedicated to affordable housing, recreation, and historic preservation projects. The expectation is that

Borrowing for people with a median income

In the ever-changing world of mortgage lending, it is good to see something getting less complicated, instead of more complicated. Massachusetts Housing Partnership has updated their mortgage offering with what they are calling ONE Mortgage. The old way to secure a low down-payment mortgage was with what was called a “soft second” mortgage.  That second

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