Can I Buy A House this Spring?

Below are the steps to closing on a real estate property. Most of these are affected by public health concern about Covid19. The Realtor® association, and individual attorneys, inspectors, lenders, and real estate offices are working to keep business going during times when we are restricted from face-to-face meetings. Moving services: Can you close when

Portfolio Lenders and Recasting Mortgages

Portfolio vs. conventional lenders A Portfolio Bank is a bank that lends their own funds into mortgages. They keep the mortgages in the bank and service the loans, which is a real advantage to homeowners. Portfolio lenders tend to be local banks and credit unions. A portfolio lender is able to make their own rules

Borrowing for people with a median income

In the ever-changing world of mortgage lending, it is good to see something getting less complicated, instead of more complicated. Massachusetts Housing Partnership has updated their mortgage offering with what they are calling ONE Mortgage. The old way to secure a low down-payment mortgage was with what was called a “soft second” mortgage.  That second

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