Follow the Money: Fees, Deposits, and Escrows When You Buy Real Estate

There are times during a real estate transaction when you will be required to spend money. Some are deposits, some are fees, and some are refundable. At offer: When you make an offer, you will provide a deposit check for $1000 or $5000, depending on your price range. That check is not cashed unless your

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What is the Best Offer?

Whose interests are being served by rushing offers and accepting offers that close the fastest? Some of the time, the seller wants and needs a quick closing. Some of the time, the seller’s agent is advising their client to take the easy deal, and not necessarily the best deal. Cash offers As the market heated

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How’d we do? First half of 2015

When the spring market came, it came! The snows in February slowed the beginning, then, wow. Because demand remains high, we are seeing more competitive bid situations (bidding wars) than we did in 2014. We are pleased for our clients who have bought so far this year. Our report card, first half of 2015: All

Crazy market report card

In the most competitive Seller’s market since the late 1980s, how did we do? We are pleased for our clients who have bought in 2014. They did buy a house or condo in eastern Massachusetts without bidding wildly over asking price or throwing away their rights. Summary: No clients waived their home inspections in order

Risking $25,000 on your appraisal?

Last month, Dave Twombly, wrote to warn you the sellers and their agents are asking you to give up important protections in order to buy a property. As a case in point, I have direct experience of clients being asked to give up their right to mortgage contingency based on a low appraisal. This is