What were they thinking?

By Dianne Schaefer Many people look to buy new construction because they think they will avoid some of the problems and expense that you can have with older properties. When I go into new houses built by developers on spec, I often wonder what were they thinking when they planned the layout. Looking at older

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Moving a house

Dianne Schaefer reporting: I was driving home from Maine a few weeks ago, and saw a house up on blocks about to be moved. Have you ever seen a house moved? At the end of the 19th century, this was a common practice. If something wanted to expand into a space where there was an

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Sitting on the front porch

Dianne   Sitting on the front porch   Do you like to sit on your front porch, watching people walk by? Having a chance to chat with your neighbors? Or do you prefer a  private deck in the back of the house. I am a front-porch kind of person, and the front porch of my antique

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Dianne takes on ugliness on the outside

by Dianne Schaefer After taking on the dark green wallpaper, we turned our attention to ugliness on the outside of the house. Renovating the exterior is a much larger task. The house was three stories, four in the back because the land sloped down. The house was covered with stucco, which had been repaired in

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