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Sexism in real estate

Sexism is alive and well and living among real estate professionals. It is hard to believe, but they still act the way that was reported in The Boston Globe recently. Real estate paperwork is marriage-based. Deeds refer to marital status because marriage confers rights to both parties on that deed. However, the language “as husband

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House Repairs. When to run away.

A problem is not infinite if the house could be torn down and rebuilt.  But who wants to do that? Some house problems are not finite; but “infinite” is not the right term. What would be an infinite problem?   There are some houses that never should have been built. They cannot be leveled and another

Business and Betrayal

All’s fair in love and business, right? Nope. One of my competitors is doing something to deliberately use my work (and web presence) to assist his own business. He didn’t ask me. I found out because he was bragging about it at a convention last week. (Another agent told me.) After a few hours of

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Applying for a mortgage? What matters?

There are things about you and your finances that are going to be studied, legitimately, before a lender will give you a mortgage. That makes sense; they are lending you a large sum of money. But, there are some things that are none of their business, literally! Who you are – in terms of race,

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Under-pricing and bidding wars, 2014

At most social occasions, I have been getting a lot of sympathy these days. “Are you OK?” they ask, expecting tales of bankruptcy and nervous breakdown. “I hear there are ten offers on every property and everything sells for $50,000 above asking price.” The stories are true, but they are not true. Some properties are

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