Brokers and Buyers

Are you being sold?

Anyone trying to make a point will try to “sell” you on the idea. Try to make you agree. Try to make you fear the consequences of disagreeing.  That’s how sales works. That’s how politics work. Our clients deserve better than that. In 2017, I attended Harness Your Negotiation Power with Buyers through my professional

2016, the year in real estate

How well do exclusive buyer’s agents do, in the face of a tough seller’s market? Here are results for the hardest seller’s market we have faced, ever! Our report card for 2016: Total amount under original asking negotiated: -$188,359 Total amount negotiated after inspections: -$35,000 Total paid over asking price in bidding wars $229,300 Towns

How our professional association works against our clients

The Massachusetts Association of Realtors® frequently has political initiatives that we are against. As a member, I refrain from assisting them in these actions. I notify my representative that I am a member of the association, but disagree a particular policy. This summer, my association embarrassed me by fighting tooth and nail against mandatory energy

What is exclusive buyer brokerage?

History: Everyone worked for the sellers: Real estate brokerage, as practiced after World War II, was a fiduciary relationship between real estate brokers and a house seller. Real estate brokerages hired agents to market and sell houses for their best and highest price and terms. At different times, in different states, real estate brokerages developed

Are you the kind of person the seller wants to sell to?

When a buyer makes an Offer to Purchase, it should be clear and complete. It must give the seller the impression that you are a ready, willing, and able buyer. It should reassure the seller that you are organized, have solid financing, and that you are the kind of people they’d like to sell to.

Don’t fence me out!

Let my clients go! (and see your house!) Ron Rothenberg 4 Buyers Real Estate   “Do they really want to sell this house?” asks my buyer, when I finally arrive with the keys.     We’ve been trying to look at this condo for two days. Yesterday, the broker said her assistant would leave the

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Demise of the paper check

Sic Transit Gloria Paper Checks Ron Rothenberg 4 Buyers Real Estate     Few industries have defended their attachment to paper as ferociously as real estate law.  But the reign of paper may be ending, as digital contract signatures become more the norm than the exception.   One piece of paper that hasn't gone away

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Buyer’s Agent, heal thyself!

by Rona Fischman "Don’t do what I did," says a chorus of buyer's agents who made buying mistakes in the past. Buyer’s Agents, heal thyselves! A lot of buyer’s agents made huge mistakes when they bought their own houses, before they found out about buyer agency and entered the profession. They worked with agents who

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